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Needlepoint Canvases

Julia Snyder returns March 11 and 12 for two days of needlepoint fun. If you are stumped for stitches, this is the place for you!

 To the Best Selection in Michigan
The Knotted Needle is the best resource for knitting, crochet, needlepoint supplies, and needle arts education in SE Michigan.

We carry an extensive variety of exquisite yarns, hand-painted needlepoint canvases, fine threads and fibers, beads and embellishments, patterns, books, tools, and more, to support your passion for handcrafting.

Our shop provides a friendly atmosphere, expert advise and is a place where local residents and welcome visitors can enjoy a wide range of classes and open knitting sessions throughout the week.

Drop by our storefront at 20229 Mack Avenue, or shop with us here online, for the products you need to enjoy the needle arts you love!

Rewards Program

We appreciate our customers.  To say thank you for your loyalty we have an easy to use rewards program.

Every time you purchase merchandise we will record the pre-tax amount onto a 6-Box card with your name on it.  When the boxes are filled, you will receive a certificate for 10% of the face value of the card, and you will receive a new card so you can start the whole process over again!

We will keep the cards filed for you.  All you need to do when you are ready to make a purchase is to pull your card so we can record your new purchase.  If you have a certificate it will be attached to your card.  You can use the certificate right away or save up for one big purchase.  It's your choice.  There is no expiration. The certificates are valid for the purchase of merchandise only -  they cannot be used for classes or finishing.

After you finish your first card (white), you will start using a gold card!  When you get your first gold card you will also receive a special Knotted Needle Blue Bag for your use.  Several times a year we will hold a Blue Bag shopping event with our Blue Bag holders.  Everything you can fit into the Blue Bag will be discounted for you.

Your ONLY responsibility will be to pull your card from our card file at the time of your purchases.  We'll do the rest.