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20229 Mack Avenue
Grosse Pointe Woods
(313) 886 2828

The Knotted Needle


Knitting Tuesday Evening

Knitting with Nancy

Needlepoint Wednesday ALL DAY Stitch-In with Afternoon Instruction

ALL DAY Stitching with afternoon instructional time. $20

Mar 27
Knitting Wednesday Morning
Mar 28
Needlepoint Thursday Afternoon
Mar 28
Knitting Thursday Evening

ALL Needlepoint Canvases for Special Needlepoint Classes  MUST Be Purchased at the Knotted Needle
We will add a surcharge to your fee if your canvas is purchased elsewhere.

Yarn for all knitting classes must be purchased at the Knotted Needle


July 11 - 14 Workshop, Learn how to make this absolutely incredible needle felted cat with his glorious Needlepoint outfit. Registration fee is $400; total materials cost is $955

Cost: $ 450.00
Cardinal Family Christmas by Vicki Sawyer Stitch Guide and Instruction by Julia Snyder

Cost: $ 350.00
Owl Basket by Melissa Shirley Stitch Guide and Instruction by Carolyn Hedge Baird

Cost: $ 400.00
A Saturday morning Blanket Workshop with Nancy begins on Saturday, January 26th The total cost of the class is $150, plus your yarn and $20 for the pattern. A non-refundable $75 deposit is required no later than January 4th.

Cost: $ 150.00
Knitting with Nancy

Cost: $ 10.00
Get together and knit Some help available, but not a class.

Cost: $ 5.00
Open to all - Not a class - Just an open stitch

Cost: $ FREE
Knitting with Rose. Must Purchase Yarn from the Knotted Needle

Cost: $ 10.00
Open to all - Not a class - Just an open stitch

Cost: $ FREE