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The Knotted Needle

By Special Order

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A310 Rainbow Cats Zig Zappy Away


AP2970 Pink Polka Dot Rain Boots with Flowers


APCH03 Believe Santa Hats


APLS01 Life is Short


BT001 Cardinals Dressed for Winter


BT287 U of M Building Ornament


CO202 Surely I'll Be Kissed Soon


DPFL08 Topiary with Stitch Guide


FS Love Wedding


HCSP001 Cardinal in Snow


JPBL108 Belt Heads of Water Birds


JPX221 Santa with Tower of Packages


JS80518 Santa's Closet Julie Mar


PATT283C Patchwork Pumpkin


SH510 Gone Sailing Michigan Mitt


SSBH01 Beach Cabanas


TTAP203 Dragon Chinese


VS253 Succulent Quail Melissa Shirley


VS262 Rabbit Ears on Birds Melissa Shirley


1023C Seasonal Cottage Autumn


1031E Baby's First Christmas


11611 Sock With Stars


1510 Tree of Life


454A Skull DoD


454E Skull DoD


508C Watching Chocolate Lab


5152 Night Cap Old Crow with SG


5234 Lilith Witchy Women


5235 Belladonna Witchy Women w Stitch Guide


5236 Serafina Witchy Women w Stitch Guide


5407 Wanted! Jolly Man Santa


5539 Finish Line


601 Rowdy Pup Colorful Closeup


6262BLT Ornament Space Ship


6283 Dreams of the Dragon


6285 Divine Dragonflies


6287 Flaming Fowl Imari


6336 Sentinel of Wisdom Lantern Dragon


70454 Hummingbird on Nest


70645 Queen is Out


7140 Temple of 1000 Cranes with SG


730H Snowman Gold Mini Sock


731H Round snowman/gold


741A Witch w/Cauldron


741C Witch on Broom


7505 Cannonball Pup


7506 Hare on Green


782 Japanese Inlet Blue


799 Owl on Branch Tree


804 You Wake it You Take


963B La Toilette


A101 Three Small Pumpkins


A1304 Happy Lion


A308 Hot Dogs


A309 Patriotic Pups Trippin Along




ACOD3073 Bird Christmas Plaid


ACOD3074 Bird Christmas Poinseitta


ACOD3078 Bird Christmas Santa Hat


ACOD919 Candy Cane with Holly


AL0167 Lake House




AP2811 Cookbooks


AP2891 Classic Novels


AP2892 Chidren's Books


AP2902 Witch's Clothesline


AP2931 Fashion Books


APBU12 Lake Living with Green Dots


APL506 Grandmothers Mom with Frosting


AS602 Floret Dusk Flowers


AS764 Bear with Honey Bees


AWP101A Case Scissors Posies


B163 Scissor Case Bee Flower Fob


B242 Dragonfly & Bamboo


B346 Steampunk Cat Halloween


B371 Wreath Finch


B374 Wreath Blue Thrush


B399 Steampunk Witch Halloween


BG06 Lotus Oriental


BJ139 Eagle w Flag


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