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The Knotted Needle

Needlepoint Canvases By Special Order

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ADP205 Moonlit Dance


AJH03 Best Friends with Stitch Guide by Laura Taylor


AL0167 Lake House




AP2902 Witch's Clothesline


AP2917 Birch Trees in Winter


AP2931 Fashion Books


AP2970 Pink Polka Dot Rain Boots with Flowers


APBA04 Shhh Baby Sleeping Sign Walker's Wholesale


APBU12 Lake Living with Green Dots


APCH03 Believe Santa Hats


APL506 Grandmothers Mom with Frosting


APLS01 Life is Short


APLS16 Stop me Before I Volunteer Again Walker's Wholesale


ASP217 Golden Lab Puppy Susan Roberts


B117 Bunny in the Cabbages


B242 Dragonfly & Bamboo


B346 Steampunk Cat Halloween


B349 Steampunk Owl on Pumpkin


B371 Wreath Finch


B399 Steampunk Witch Halloween


Beaver Creek Ski Round Doolittle


BT001 Cardinals Dressed for Winter


BT287 U of M Building Ornament


BT619 MSU School Ornament


C450B Bunny


C450BB Gray Bunny


C450LL Llama


C450MO Moose Meredith Collection


C450PO Polar Bear Meredith Collection


C508B White Silver Gown Dress


C508D Lime Green Dress


C540 Glam Frog


C555D Lady Birds Willow Art Deco


C7 Black and White Rooster


C8 White Rooster


CH10 Going to the Gin


CH303E Blue and Silver Snowflake Ornament The Collection


CH306B Silver with Blue Ornament The Collection


CH7 Goose Girl


CH9 Chicken Hauling Flowers


CL3646 Roseate Spoonbill


COPEY212 Case Eyeglass Llama Colors of Praise


CSW05 Cardinal and Flower Pot Strictly Christmas


CW02 Rip it Frame Weight


CW04 Eat Love Stitch Frame Weight


DANJIGP01 Christmas in GP


DI4 Bee Kind


DM159C Winter Botanical Poinsettia


DPFL08 Topiary with Stitch Guide


E2L Box Animal Crackers on Wheels


E2Q Truck Ice Cream 3-D w Wheels


EA09 Whale


EA13 Sea Turtle


EA14 Abstract Phoenix Danji Designs


ED1366 Bird Feeder Community Gathering


EGC2 Eyeglass Case


EGC3 Floral Eyeglass Case


EV01 Elegant Pumpkins


EY139 Bird on Pink Eyeglasses Case Colors of Praise


EY177 Lady in Hat Eyeglasses Case Colors of Praise


F444 Autumn Lantern


FS Love Wedding


FSR17 Bee Box Round


GA04LYM Joy Ride


GA14 Christmas Owls


Good at Naps Pewter and Pine


GS255 Intersections w Stitch Guide by Sharon G


GS411B Pen Fancy Gold and Black


H240 Abstract Reindeer


H41 Skull JP Needlepoint


H84 Starlight in Red


HC0310 Cardinals Consorting


HC0366 Bat Meredith Collection


HC0372 Homecoming by Charley Harper Meredith Collection


HC0384 Watermelon Moon Ornament Charley Harper Meredith Collection


HC1363 Isle Royale Michigan Moose and Wolves by Charley Harper


HCSP001 Cardinal in Snow


HO364 Merry Christmas


HSNW9 Wallet Insert Triathalon


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