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The Knotted Needle

Needlepoint Canvases


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AP4119 Don't Worry Laundry.... Alice Peterson


CV315 Life is Short Buy Needlepoint


ET015 Splashing Bird HSN Needlepoint


HHAN01 Poppy the Pig Painted Pony


ME9 Pig in Boots Oasis Needlepoint


MNE04 Cavalier KIng Charles Face Walker Wholesale


MNE07 Labrator Retriever Face Walker Wholesale


MOUS03 Nantucket Poster Painted Pony


Serendipity on Yellow Oasis Needlepoint


A427 Welcome Robin and Flowers


AB1676 Baby's 1st Christmas Mini Sock Blue


AB167a Baby Girl First Christmas Sock


AB341 Eye Ball with Stitch Guide


AB456 T Rex Dino Mini Stocking


ACOD 1217 Cross with Blue/Green


ACOD1218 Cross Green/Red


ACOD2752 Cross Navy Gold


ACOD2873 Cross White Purple


ACOD918 Candy Cane with Lights


SRADP216 Rabbit Band Parade Susan Roberts


AH05 Welcome with Flowers


Ahab Ikat


AL0155 Granny's Wild Ride Wellesley


AL0170 Merry Cluck Santa with Chicken Wellesley Designs


ALGB Alpha Large "B"


AOG115 Blue Vase with Flower Bouquet


AOG118 Royal Blue Flower Arrangement


AOG140 Fredita Melissa Shirley


AP240 Welcome Pineapple


AP257HC Horse Head Susan Roberts


AP266 White Tiger Susan Roberts


AP2666 Boo Bat Alice Peterson


AP3725 Boy's Sailor Suit


AP3739 Superman Sleeping Alice Peterson


AP3746 Wonder Woman Sleeping Alice Peterson


AP4011 Chanel Says He Learned His Lesson Alice Peterson


APBA01 It's a Boy Ornament Walker's Wholesale


APBA02 It's a Girl! Ornament Walker's Wholesale


APBR09 Flamingo with Dots


APCO04 Go Team! Sign Walker's Wholesale


APHA02 Boo! with orange dots


APVA02 BE MINE with Hearts


APWE03 Kissing in Front of Church Walker's Wholesale


Armchair Santa


AS750 Beaver Lodge


AS762 Lamb


ASP168 Golden Lab Susan Roberts


ASP209 Pug Pup Susan Roberts


ASP216 Chocolate Lab Susan Roberts


ASP371 Evergreen Pine Diamond Susan Roberts


AWP206A Wedding Bow w Rings


AWP413B Heart Blue Weave


AWP413C Heart Pink Green Weave


B115 Mermaid with Seahorse


B164 Scissor Case Chicken Egg Fob


B273 Bunny 3-D Stand Up with Ears (2 Pieces)


B306 Scissor Case Halloween Cat Fob


B311C Bunny Turnip Two-Sided


B311E Bunny Basket Easter Two-Sided


B345 Steampunk Fox Halloween


B347 Monkey on Steampunk Pumpkin


B348E Spooky Pumpkin Ornament Brenda Stofft


B423L Wood Duck


B424C Halloween Pumpkin with Bat Brenda Stofft


B425R Canvas Back Duck


B431 Steampunk Cat with Stitch Guide Brenda Stofft


B440 Autumn Blueberries Brenda Stofft


B473 Scissor Chatalaine Brenda Stofft Designs


BB1336 Graduation Cap Blue with Year


BB1337 Graduation Cap Green with Year


BB6083 Farm Friends Cow


BB68 Cosmos Hydrangeas


BD91 Butterflies Insert for Lee


Beach Bag


Beach Ball


BF603 Spring Square


BF605 Autumn Square


BG18T Santa and Penguins on Sled


BK145 Fish Bookmark Kathy Schenkel


Black Sheep Sit


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