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The Knotted Needle

Needlepoint Canvases


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Mini Light Bulb Blue


Mini Light Bulb Tree


MJ005 Crazy Ladies JP Needlepoint


MJ008 Abstract Face Emily Owens JP Needlepoint


MJ009 Abstract Face JP Needlepoint


MK101B Cats with Tea


MLT191 Pine Cones in a Pail


MLT203 Bowl of Apples


MLT210E Asparagus


MLT354 Garden Tote


MLT359C Holly


MLT383 Three Vintage Pumpkins


MLT388A Heart Cookie


MLT388C Heart Cookie


MLT388D Heart Cookie


MLT397 Fishing Flies Pillow


MLT410 Autumn Leaves Cup Melissa Shirley


MLT411 Lab Wearing Scarf Melissa Shirley


MLT412D Snowy Shepherd Melissa Shirley


MLT422G Border Collie Melissa Shirley


MLT424A Fox Wearing Scarf Melissa Shirley


MLT424C Reindeer and Cardinal Round Melissa Shirley


MLT428A18 Sunflower Seeds Sign Melissa Shirley


MLT428B Local Harvest Pumpkin Melissa Shirley


MLT444 Day of the Dead Skull Melissa Shirley


MLT459 Garden Bunny Melissa Shirley


MLT460 Bike Carrying Flowers and Birds Melissa Shirley


MLT478 Autumn Lab Melissa Shirley


MNPL03 Winter Cardinal CBK


MNS 247 Baa Humbug Stocking


MNS 248 Skating thin ice


MNS Birds of Feather Stocking


MNS237 Hound Dog Christmas Minisock


MNS273 Sleeping Bear Mini Stocking Renaissance


MNS274 Sleeping Bear and Cub Mini Stocking Renaissance


MNS275 Sleeping Fox Mini Stocking Renaissance


MNSD252 Santa Oops!


MO130 Eagle Oval


MO193 Gone Hiking Oval


Monkey w/Tree


MS019 Because you Love It


MS1198 Halloween Houses


MS14 Elena Day of the Dead


MS1750B Topiaries Wreath


MS1799A Vintage Pumpkins Cut


MS1799B Vintage Pumpkins Full


MS1945A Moth on Pea Pod Ancient


MS1946B Bugs and Shells Ancient


MS1950 Crow on Branch


MS1982A Hagatha Witch


MS1982B Crow Holding Corn with Hat


MS1986 Botanical Wreath with Bugs


MS1992B Trick or Treat House


MS199625P Doves in Magnolia


MS2013A Halloween House


MS2013B Halloween House Ghosts


MS2013C Halloween House Black Cat


MS2013D Halloween House Cat on Roof


MS2013E Halloween House Weathervane


MS3 Baby Boy First Christmas Mini Stocking The Collection


MS4 Baby Girl First Christmas Mini Stocking The Collection


MS903A Botanical Quince


MS903B Botanical Fruit


MS985D Bird in the Bush


MSD17088D Flowers Vase Crow Table


N1 Frog Night Light SHADE ONLY


N1105 Town Welcome


N1106 Multi dogs


N1111 Peter and Wolf


N118/5 Raccoon Rect.


N16 Butterfly Night Light


N188/4 Snowman Rect.


N189/1 Woodland Mini Bunny


N189/10 Woodland Mini Porcupine


N189/2 Woodland Mini Fox


N189/3 Woodland Mini Bear


N189/5 Mini Woodland Raccoon


N189/6 Woodland Mini Owl


N189/8 Woodland Mini Squirrel


N190/7 Snowman Woodland


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