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The Knotted Needle

Abstract and Geometric

Needlepoint Canvases > Abstract and Geometric
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1413M Quilt pillow


Ahab Ikat


ALGB Alpha Large "B"


AOG115 Blue Vase with Flower Bouquet


AP2919 Patchwork Collage


BD06 Scalloped


Clown topper To 7


CM5021 Autumn Labyrinth


CM5023 Floral Squares


CM5024 Garden Blooms


CORN8 Seasons Greetings & More Designs


CPFF241 Pomegranate with Dots


DJ001 I Want You


EA Raccoon


EA09 Whale


HC1363 Isle Royale Michigan Moose and Wolves by Charley Harper


HPDN192A US Army Retro Camo


JLCR001 Blue Waves


JLCR002 Bull's Eye Target


JLCR003 Circles and Dots


JP Fleur de Lis Abstraction


JP Fleur de Lis Giraffe


JP Fleur de Lis Leopard


JP Fleur de Lis Zebra


JP0090 Persian Perfection


JP0091 Priceless Persian


JPDN192C US Navy Camo


JPDN192D US Marine Corps Camo


JPL520 Royal Pain in the Tudors Banner


JPM341 Trivot Blue Damask


JPM351 Trivot Beige/Brown Damask


JPM364 Trivot Golds Damask


JPS16 Goldfish on Blue Swiming Right


JPS17 Goldfish on Blue Swimming Left


KR7035 Court Jester


M976 New England House


MJ008 Abstract Face Emily Owens JP Needlepoint


MPH248 Abstract Bears Melissa Prince


OIN4 Wallet Insert Striped


PATT205 Patchwork Lhasa Apso Dog


PATT241C Poinsettia Abstract 13 Mesh


PATT241D Lavender Flower Patchwork


PATT244H Patchwork Corgi


PATT244T Patchwork Bichon


PATT283C Patchwork Pumpkin


PATT289 Patchwork Pumpkin Patch


PATT307B Patchwork Green Orange Tree


PATT307D Patchwork Green Tree


PC15013 Patchwork Bear


PS9 Alive and Running


RS7130 Bird Fuchsia Lady Bug with Stitch Guide Ruth Schmuff


SC956 Tile Arabesque Yellow


SC957 Tile Arabesque Pink


SC958 Tile Arabesque Blue


SC959 Tile Arabesque Green


SC960 Tile Arabesque Purple


SC961 Tile Arabesque Orange


Scissors Case African Stripe


T40K University of Kentucky


TM07 Geometric Round


ZE1825A Travel Well Zecca


ZE229 Lotus Garden


ZE580 Call Mom ASAP Zecca