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The Knotted Needle


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HHAN01 Poppy the Pig Painted Pony


MOUS03 Nantucket Poster Painted Pony


235 Belt Geo Circles Navy Brown Meredith Collexrion


347c Belt All Squared Up Meredith Collection


AL0155 Granny's Wild Ride Wellesley


AL0170 Merry Cluck Santa with Chicken Wellesley Designs


AOG140 Fredita Melissa Shirley


AP257HC Horse Head Susan Roberts


AP266 White Tiger Susan Roberts


AP2666 Boo Bat Alice Peterson


AP3739 Superman Sleeping Alice Peterson


AP3746 Wonder Woman Sleeping Alice Peterson


AP4011 Chanel Says He Learned His Lesson Alice Peterson


APBA01 It's a Boy Ornament Walker's Wholesale


APBA02 It's a Girl! Ornament Walker's Wholesale


APCO04 Go Team! Sign Walker's Wholesale


APFR03 Gobble Til You Wobble Walker's


APLS04 Chaos Coordinator Walker Wholesale


APLS17 Needlepointing Like A Boss Walker Wholesale


APLS20 Sitch Club is the New Book Club Walker Wholesale


APWE03 Kissing in Front of Church Walker's Wholesale


AS770 Funky Anteater Birds of a Feather


ASP168 Golden Lab Susan Roberts


ASP209 Pug Pup Susan Roberts


ASP216 Chocolate Lab Susan Roberts


ASP371 Evergreen Pine Diamond Susan Roberts


B348E Spooky Pumpkin Ornament Brenda Stofft


B424C Halloween Pumpkin with Bat Brenda Stofft


B431 Steampunk Cat with Stitch Guide Brenda Stofft


B440 Autumn Blueberries Brenda Stofft


B473 Scissor Chatalaine Brenda Stofft Designs


BB6140 Great Smokey Mountains Burnett & Bradley


BB6141 Yellowstone Park Burnett & Bradley


BB6142 Redwoodss National Park Burnett & Bradley


BF616 Large Paisley Floral Birds of a Feather


BK145 Fish Bookmark Kathy Schenkel


BP36 You Had Me at WOOF Dog Bone Danji Designs


BS401 Bunny Moon Gazer Brenda Stofft


BS415 Witch and Cat Riding Broomstick Brenda Stofft


BS424E Spider on Pumpkin Ornament Brenda Stofft


BT014 Cardinal in Rain Gear Unbrella HSN Needlepoint


BT018 Cardinal Skating Argyle Sweater HSN Needlepoint


C102C Crazy Cat Eyes Eye Candy


C18 Wild Child Sleeping Patty Paints


C450K Horse Meredith Collection


C450RH Rhino Meredith Collection


C516 Snowmen Pillow Meredith Collection


C555A Art Deco Lady with Swan Meredith Collection


C555D Art Deco Snow Birds Meredith Collection


C563 Vivian Meredith Collection with Stitch Guide


C571 Uncaged Beauty Meredith Collection


C573 Beauty with Bird Cage Meredith Collection


C589 Van Full of Flowers Meredith Collection


CAR515 Lady Facing Right PLD Designs


CB109A Giant Acorn Renaissance Designs


CBJ45 Pig with Black Mask by Bailey Jack & More


CD006 Bee Present HSN Designs


CH303A Blue and Silver Ornament The Collection


CHPOO5EC Pier Grouip Eye Glass Case Meredith Collection


CL303 Chickadee House 4" Round 3K Designs


CL602 Rooster on Green 3 Kittens Needle Arts


CL9 Don't Make Me Drop a House on You


CM03 Kid's Train Walker's Wholesale


CM09 Floral Ornament Walker's Wholesale


CM16 Sheep with Bow and Holly Ornament Walker's Wholesale


CM18 Bow on Antlers Ornament Walker's Wholesale


CM20 Oh Holy Might! Ornament Walker's Wholesale


CN1512 Curious Giraffe Round PLD Designs


CO1803 Monsters with Stars Chris Lewis Distributing


COPAC602 You Don't Have to Look Alike to be Family Colors of Praise


COPAN197 Llma with Colors Color of Praise


COPAN394 Basset in Feather Head Dress Colors of Praise


COPEY214 Case Eyeglass Giraffe Colors of Praise


COPPE200 Lady in Pink Hat on Hot Day Colors of Praise


CORN8 Seasons Greetings & More Designs


CORN9 Merry Christmas & More Designs


CORT1 Ort Box Stitch


CORT4 Ort Box Rip


CORT5 Ort Box Orts


CT03 Chicken on Sheep's Head Strictly Christmas


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