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The Knotted Needle


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BT018 Cardinal Skating Argyle Sweater HSN Needlepoint


C102C Crazy Cat Eyes Eye Candy


C18 Wild Child Sleeping Patty Paints


C450K Horse Meredith Collection


C450RH Rhino Meredith Collection


C516 Snowmen Pillow Meredith Collection


C555A Art Deco Lady with Swan Meredith Collection


C555D Art Deco Snow Birds Meredith Collection


C563 Vivian Meredith Collection with Stitch Guide


C571 Uncaged Beauty Meredith Collection


C573 Beauty with Bird Cage Meredith Collection


CAR515 Lady Facing Right PLD Designs


CBJ45 Pig with Black Mask by Bailey Jack & More


CD006 Bee Present HSN Designs


CH303A Blue and Silver Ornament The Collection


CL204 Scalloped Pinecone 3K Design


CL303 Chickadee House 4" Round 3K Designs


CL310 Otter 3 Kittens Needle Arts


CL602 Rooster on Green 3 Kittens Needle Arts


CM03 Kid's Train Walker's Wholesale


CM09 Floral Ornament Walker's Wholesale


CM16 Sheep with Bow and Holly Ornament Walker's Wholesale


CM18 Bow on Antlers Ornament Walker's Wholesale


CM20 Oh Holy Might! Ornament Walker's Wholesale


CN1512 Curious Giraffe Round PLD Designs


COPEY214 Case Eyeglass Giraffe Colors of Praise


CORN8 Seasons Greetings & More Designs


CORN9 Merry Christmas & More Designs


CORT1 Ort Box Stitch


CORT4 Ort Box Rip


CORT5 Ort Box Orts


CT01 Dog and Cat Travelling in Car Strictly Christmas


CT02 The Morning After Strictly Christmas


CT03 Chicken on Sheep's Head Strictly Christmas


CZIP Zip Code Stripe


D07 Cavalier Puppy Leaf Watching Melissa Prince Designs


D09 Scottie with Bird Friends Melissa Prince Designs


D10 Aussie Watching Snow Melissa Prince Designs


DB1 Abstract Roadrunner Tapestry Fair


DB7 And Then Came the Baby Tapestry Fair


DD524 Nantucket Square Ewe & Eye


DD564 Love Paw Ewe & Eye


DH04 Chicken Carrying Alligator Purse Strictly Christmas


DL1775 Parrot and Cockatoo Cream Background DJ Designs


DRQP9 SpOols of Thread Sampler POIAD


DS103 Fish and Coral JP Needlepoint


DSS126 Beaver Creek Square Doolittle Designs


EA01 Abstract Grizzly Bear with Stitch Guide


EF105 Free Ride Melissa Shirley


EF110 Dapper Owl Melissa Shirley


EF117 Alligator Too Big For The Pond Melissa Shirley


EGSS29 After Monday ? CBK Needlepoint


EJ02 Hippie Surfer Girl Love You More


EML124 Chloe & Socks Melissa Shirley


EV02 Folk Art Turkey Love You More


EV03 Blue Bird Pink Flowers Love You More


EW42 Clementis & Flower Bee Tapestry Fair


EWE96 Rooster Ewe & Eye


FG111 Tulips Renaissance


FS33 Naughty or Nice Ornament Funda Scully


FSCM5 Spartan Funda Scully


GA15 Santa Joy Ride Love You More


GA20 Gnome on Artichoke Love You More


GA21 Gnome on Broccoli Love You More


GA22 Hedgehog Peace Love Happiness Love You More


GE416 Nautilus Shell The Collection


GEP274 Girl Stitching All About Stitchings


H52 Witch Hat on Legs Spider JP Needlepoint


H54 Witch Hat on Legs Bat Hat JP Needlepoint


H81 Starlight in Blue


H9 Trick or Treat Pumpkin JP Needlepoint


HC0385 Bee on Green Ornament Charley Harper Meredith Collection


HCC304 Chorus Line Charley Harper Meredith Collection


HCF375 Fish of the Sea Charley Harper Meredith Collection


HJS011 "HO" Cubed Chris Lewis


HSNCF-14 Uof M Flag HSN Designs


IHR108B Multicolor Flowers in Pot


IHR108C Flowers in Blue Pot


IN329 Two Parrots Talking 3" Round Colors of Praise


IN330 Rooster 3" Round Colors of Priase


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