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The Knotted Needle


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JG1005 Own in Pine Tree Susan Roberts


JJO2035 Cardinal Fleur de Paris


JKNA019 Nuthatch Judy Keenan


JKNA025 Abstract Flowers Judy Keenan


JKNA065 Squirrel on Trunk Judy Keenan


JKNA066 Swan Judy Keenan


JKNA071 Cheetah Judy Keenan


JKNA72 Elephant Judy Keenan


JMKL153 Tropical Birds Julie Mar


JTP007 Lab Looking Out to Sea Pippin Studio


KBH02 Yellow Clapboard Birdhouse Kelly Clark


KBH03 Pink Harlequin Birdhouse Kelly Clark


KBH05 Pansy Pagoda Birdhouse Kelly Clark


KBH08 Green Checkers Birdhouse Kelly Clark


KK0112 Woof Ornament Chris Lewis


KKNTO48 Nantucket Island Chris Lewis


KKO113 Baby Boy Footprints Chris Lewis


KKO114 Baby Girl Footprints Chris Lewis


KKO140 Love Michigan Chris Lewis


KKSG4 Lake Sign Chris Lewis


KMPL02 Mistletoe Pink and Green Kate Dickerson


L369 Horse Eating Carrot Nose of Snowman Brenda Stofft


LEG102 Beautiful Butterfly RenaIassance Designs


LGDP516 Cow Portrait Susan Roberts


LGDSP409 Chickadee on Snowy Pinecone Susan Roberts


LL156A Cute Gator and Flowers Labors of Love


LL156E See Ya Later Gator Labors of Love


LL288 I'll Think About That Tomorrow Labors of Love


LL323 Baby Sea Turtle on Beach Labors of Love


LL327 Baby Sea Turtle Swimming Labors of Love


LL351 Ouch Crocodile Labors of Love


LL417 Love is a Four Legged Word Labors of Love


LL421B Bell 3D Ornament Poinsettia Labors of Love


LL421E Bell 3D Ornament Labors of Love


LL421H Bell 3D Ornament Winter Church Labors of Love


LL421I Bell 3D Ornament Golden Snowflakes Labors of Love


LL421J Bell 3D Ornament Nutcrackers Labors of Love


LL421L Bell 3D Ornament Three Santas Labors of Love


LL421M Bell 3D Ornament Snowman Labors of Love


LL421O Bell 3D Ornament Three Mrs. Clauses Labors of Love


LL421P Bell 3D Ornament Nativity Scene Labors of Love


LL421S Bell 3D Ornament Reindeer Labors of Love


LL421V Bell 3D Ornament Christmas Tree Labors of Love


LL590 Quiet Please Sleeping Animals Labors of Love


LM08 Red Crab Round 4" Round Danji Designs


LMBC02 Labs In Wood Boat CBK Needlepoint


LMPL52 Pinecones CBK


LMPL59 Black Labs in Boat CBK


LMS61A Bean Boot The Collection


LMS64A Coat Barbour The Collection


LP135 I Love Birds Kathy Schenkel


LP145 I Love tp Bake Kathy Schenkel


LP146 I Love Movies Kathy Schenkel


LREPL33 Lost Socks CBK


LW9237 Keep Calm and Needlepoint Betty Speer


LW9238 Keep Calm and Sparkle Betty Speer


LW9239 Keep Calm and Be Fabulous Betty Speer


LW9240 Keep Calm and Stitch On Betty Speer


M127 Joy Birds and Birdcage


M1932 Reindeer and Holly Maggie


M1933 Cardinal and Holly Maggie


M1935 Simple Flower Base Ewe & Eye


M2003 Dog Stack Maggie & Co.


M2004A Goofy Bear and Bird Ewe Eye


M2014 Panther and Blue Birds Maggie & Co.


M2037 Squirrel and Birds Maggie & Co.


M2038 Fuzzy Fox Maggie & Co.


M209 Bohemian Rapsody Movie Square Melissa Prince


MDPL06 Frida Kahlo Kate Dickerson


MFPL03 Bright Christmas Cactus Kate Dickerson


MJ005 Crazy Ladies JP Needlepoint


MJ008 Abstract Face Emily Owens JP Needlepoint


MJ009 Abstract Face JP Needlepoint


MLT410 Autumn Leaves Cup Melissa Shirley


MLT411 Lab Wearing Scarf Melissa Shirley


MLT412D Snowy Shepherd Melissa Shirley


MLT422G Border Collie Melissa Shirley


MLT424A Fox Wearing Scarf Melissa Shirley


MLT424C Reindeer and Cardinal Round Melissa Shirley


MLT428A18 Sunflower Seeds Sign Melissa Shirley


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