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The Knotted Needle


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MLT428B Local Harvest Pumpkin Melissa Shirley


MLT444 Day of the Dead Skull Melissa Shirley


MLT459 Garden Bunny Melissa Shirley


MLT460 Bike Carrying Flowers and Birds Melissa Shirley


MLT478 Autumn Lab Melissa Shirley


MNPL03 Winter Cardinal CBK


MNS273 Sleeping Bear Mini Stocking Renaissance


MNS274 Sleeping Bear and Cub Mini Stocking Renaissance


MNS275 Sleeping Fox Mini Stocking Renaissance


MPB370 Robin's Egg Wreath Melissa Prince


MPB382 Old Crow Wizard Melissa Prince


MPB383 Cedar Waxwing Wreath Melissa Prince


MPH247 Abstract Reindeer Melissa Prince


MPH248 Abstract Bears Melissa Prince


MPH249 Abstract Fox Melissa Prince


MPH255 Large Peacock Melissa Prince


MPH257 Abstract Puffin Melissa Prince


MS3 Baby Boy First Christmas Mini Stocking The Collection


MS4 Baby Girl First Christmas Mini Stocking The Collection


O381 Oriental Owl Tapestry Fair


P1227 Flowers Lee Colonial Needle


PB00097 Three Monkeys Lounging The Collection


PB15759 Abstract Pineapple The Collection


PCH019 Reindeer Bolster as seen on cover of Needlepoint Now


PCH020 Christmas Trees Cuff Pippin


PCH021 Reindeer Cuff Pippin


PCH022 Bears with Gifts Cuff Pippin


PEG002 Glasses Pippin


PEG007 Plate with Orange and Pepper Pippin


PET033 Bears in a Hammock Pippin


PF023 Angels Eat Watermelons Pippin


PH018 Sea Baby Pippin


PI205NP Owl Tree The Collection


PM 20033 Girl Physician Patti Mann


PM40065 Snow is a 4-Letter Word Patti Mann


PNI019 Olives Pippin


PNI025 Eight Hens Pippin


PP7154 Red Michigan Lighthouse Purple Palm


PP996KV Angel Rescue Painted Pony Designs


PP996KW Angel Witch w Broom Painted Pony


PS11E Blue Naped Chlorophonia Tapestry Fair


PS11F Southern Carmin Bee Eater Pat Schenick Tapestry Fair


PS12 Bugs & Blossoms Tapestry Fair


PSEC001 Influencer Patricia Sone


PSI003A Polar Bear Outside Window Pippin


PSI005B Six Brooms Pippin


PSI009 Fourth of July Pippin


PSM052 Brown Chicken Square Pippin Studio


PSM053 Light Brown Chicken Square Pippin Studio


PSM054 Buff Chicken Square Pippin Studio


PSM055 Rooster Square Pippin Studio


PSSAY003 Time Out! Patricia Sone


PSSAY004 It's 5:00 Somewhere Patricia Sone


Purr More Hiss Less


R1027 Gather Robbyn's Nest


R1071 Evening Bear Robbyn's Nest


R1095 Joy Robbyn's Nest


R301 Nantucket Round Doolittle


R870 Spooky Zombie Silhouettes Robbyn's Nest


R930 Fall Pumpkin Robbyn's Nest


RMCH03 Crow Bar and Glass Strictly Christmas


RRS01 Can't Buy Love Rescue It Walker Wholesale


S039 Shhh Prince Sleeping Sign POIAD


S392 Love Someone Who Ruins Your Lipstick POIAD


S396 I Run Like a Girl Try to Keep Up


SA009 Don't Be An Asshole w SG Little Birds


SAMT03 Baby Girl with Purse CBK


SASS35 Wake the Pirate Walk the Plank CBK


SCEX04 Robin Wearing Winter Hat Scott Church Creative


SCPL37 Trick or Treating Ghosts Scott Church Creative CBK


SCPL70 Crow in Tophat Scott Church Creative CBK


SI224D Baby Sleeping Sign The Collection


SI247I Tooth Fairy Dust Dots The Collection


SI247N Tooth Fairy Dots The Collection


SNAN09 Woodland Deer and Holly Painted Pony


SNAN10 Woodland Fox and Holly Painted Pony


SNAN11 Moose with Holly by Painted Pony


SNBH03A Lobster Painted Pony


SNBH04A Blue Crab Painted Pony


So Many Squirrels So Little Time Doolittle


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