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The Knotted Needle


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ZIA58 Lion in Glasses Danji Designs


ZIA59 Flamingo in Glasses Danji Designs


ZIA81Witchy Hedgehog Danji Designs


ZIA82 Dracula Hedgehog Danji Designs


ZIA85 Flamingo in Bowtie 4" Round Danji Designs


ZIA99 Squirrel Wearing Glasses Danji Designs


1968 Stitchers All Aboard Purple Palm Designs


B457 Daydream Believer Brenda Stofft Designs


B463 Spirit Deer Brenda Stofft Designs


B501 Mini Double Ornaments Green and Red with Crystals


B502 Santa Snowman Mini Double Brenda Stofft Designs


B503 Candy Bell Mini Double Brenda Stofft Designs


B504 Presents Tree Mini Double Brenda Stofft Designs


B505 Santa Snowman Mini Double Brenda Stofft Designs


C111A Catstooth Halloween Eye Candy Needlepoint


DTK9A Pumpkin Pirate Hat Tapestry Fair


DTK9B Pumpkin Pirate Scarf Tapestry Fair


DTK9C Pumpkin Frankenstein Tapestry Fair


DTK9G Pumpkin Bat Tapestry Fair


DTKD Pumpkin Mouse Tapestry Fair


DTKF Pumpkin Spider Tapestry Fair


G117O Oh Hell No Eye Candy Needlepoint


LF03 Crab in Seaweed Love You More


LL149 Detroit Stitch Club Labors of Love


PE286 Sugar and Lemons POIAD


PF027 Princesses And though she may be little she is fierce JL Canvas Company


PNI028 Nine Baubles JL Canvas Company


SS59 Oh I heard you I just don't care CBK Needlepoint Collections


SS60 Of course your opinion matters? CBK Needlepoint Collections


SS62 At my age forget the bucket list? CBK Needlepoint Collections


SS63 my train of thought derailed? CBK Needlepoint Collections


SS64 I am experiencing life at a rate? CBK Needlepoint Collections


XOAV003 Snowman and Cardinals Mini Sock POIAD


ZE570 Screech Owl Zecca


ZE599 Anchovy 2 Sided Fish Zecca


ZE609 Puffer Fish 2 Sided Zecca


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