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The Knotted Needle

Pillows and Pictures

Needlepoint Canvases > Pillows and Pictures
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AL0170 Merry Cluck Santa with Chicken Wellesley Designs


AOG115 Blue Vase with Flower Bouquet


AOG118 Royal Blue Flower Arrangement


AP257HC Horse Head Susan Roberts


AP2919 Patchwork Collage


AP3725 Boy's Sailor Suit


AP4119 Don't Worry Laundry.... Alice Peterson


APLS16 Stop me Before I Volunteer Again Walker's Wholesale


APVA02 BE MINE with Hearts


CBJ45 Pig with Black Mask by Bailey Jack & More


CD006 Bee Present HSN Designs


CL204 Scalloped Pinecone 3K Design


CL3645 White Pelican on Aqua


CL602 Rooster on Green 3 Kittens Needle Arts


CM5021 Autumn Labyrinth


CM5023 Floral Squares


CO2072 Chicken Dance


CORN8 Seasons Greetings & More Designs


CORN9 Merry Christmas & More Designs


CPFF241 Pomegranate with Dots


D07 Cavalier Puppy Leaf Watching Melissa Prince Designs


D09 Scottie with Bird Friends Melissa Prince Designs


D10 Aussie Watching Snow Melissa Prince Designs


DD524 Nantucket Square Ewe & Eye


DJ005 Liza! DJ Designs


DKBH09 Sassy Fish


DKBH11 Sassy Octopus


DKSP16 Chenin Blanc Wine Label


DL1775 Parrot and Cockatoo Cream Background DJ Designs


DM1543 Flowers with Check Border


DM159B Botanical Christmas Cactus


DPAN188 Dog Lead Us Not Into Temptation


DPL502 House with Deer


EF117 Alligator Too Big For The Pond Melissa Shirley


EM109 Good Company Makes the Feast


EM110 If You Want To Be Happy Plant a Garden


ET015 Splashing Bird HSN Needlepoint


EV03 Blue Bird Pink Flowers Love You More


EWE96 Rooster Ewe & Eye


FR014 Frame Blue Muffy Swirl Griffin Designs


FS Love Thanksgiving


FS8 I Do - Dishes


GA20 Gnome on Artichoke Love You More


GA21 Gnome on Broccoli Love You More


GA22 Hedgehog Peace Love Happiness Love You More


GS410 Pen Stripes


GS434 Pen Purple with Gold Dots


GS465 Pen Peacock Feather




HPDN192A US Army Retro Camo


HSNCF-14 Uof M Flag HSN Designs


JG1005 Owl in Pine Tree Susan Roberts


JP Fleur de Lis Abstraction


JP Fleur de Lis Giraffe


JP Fleur de Lis Leopard


JP Fleur de Lis Zebra


JP Heart with Leopard Eyes


JP Heart with Tiger Eyes


JP235 Hysterical Hooter Wench


JPB233 Pirate Hooter


JPB234 Elizabeth Tudor Hooter


JPD88 Fuji Mum Flower


JPD89 Large Mum Flower


JPDN192C US Navy Camo


JPDN192D US Marine Corps Camo


JPDN192E US Air Force Camo


JPL520 Royal Pain in the Tudors Banner


JPS16 Goldfish on Blue Swiming Right


JPS17 Goldfish on Blue Swimming Left


JPX221 Santa with Tower of Packages


JTP007 Lab Looking Out to Sea Pippin Studio


KCN402 Belgium's Red Poppy W Stitch Guide


KK0128 Love With Ship Wheel


KMPL02 Mistletoe Pink and Green Kate Dickerson


L963A Powder Room


LANA01 Tree of Bird Houses


LD5237 Prusilla Witchy Woemen w Stich Guide


LD535 Sunnies


LFPL914 Three French Hens on Red


LSHG01 Girl with Umbrella


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